Monday, May 10, 2010

The Actress

My soul lives! I was in my last show of Androcles and the Lion on Saturday. It was marvelous to be on stage again! I had fun fun fun. Kade and Violet loved the show, as did all children and adults that made it to the theatre. Violet's best friend Zahli is standing next to her. Violet sees me in a new light because I wore a pretty dress and got all made up. She loves me more I think. Naturally. Anyone else?

a look at a 63 year old Violet

Aunt Teresa went 0n a cruise. She stopped at our house on the way home baring gifts which included this loverly tea set for Violet. She's wearing Teres's swim suit cover and serving us some yummy peppermint tea. Gotta love her!

Kade Violet and Eva in their last bath together. One, the bathtub is too small. Two, they are too big. Three, even when they wear swim suits it is time to move on.

Violet had her first dance concert! Grandma and Grandpa Stewart and Aunt Teresa came for the fabulous monster dance. They thought the modern dancing was "weird" but I promise Logan is not what anyone else would call edgy. It was fun to watch her on stage.

Life is crazy. We are all very busy and having a blast! Okay not always but we try to stay positive right? I dumped all the pictures from my camera today so I figured I should update the blog in case anyone looks at it. Great Grandma Stewart made Violet and Eva matching dresses for Easter this year and Kade got a new white shirt. Here they are posing for pictures on our bed. Evie looks like a little pioneer, doesn't she?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Practicing for the dentist...

Eva looking cute

Eva is such a sweetie! Poor girl. We love her so much she gets her ribs eaten at least several times a day!